Lifestyle a way of life

lifestyleLifestyle is defined as “a way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group.” This section will address just that. It is about how we choose to live. The motto of my therapy practice is “design your life” because I believe that when we choose to be in control of our lives, to make conscious decisions of what we want it to look like, that is when we truly live. That is the way to happiness. It’s not enough to just survive, my goal is to help people to truly thrive, to find their inner peace, to get the most out of this thing we call life. So this will be the focus of this section.

What are the things that work for us? What can we do differently? What do we need to scrap completely? Being mindful of these questions and evaluating what your life truly looks like will help you achieve the happiness you want. Or maybe you’re already happy. Maintaining that happiness and peace requires mindfulness as well. Because life is so fluid, it is every changing. We need to constantly be aware of these changes and how we respond and adjust to them. What worked in one era of our lives may not be so effective in another. If we pay attention to this and focus on finding that balance, we will be able to maintain happiness.

As we near the end of our lives, it is human nature to reflect back. If we feel a sense of fulfillment we will feel satisfied. If we experience regret, it can lead to bitterness and despair. So my philosophy is, don’t wait until it’s almost over and difficult or impossible to change; do it now! Get in the driver’s seat! Be mindful and reflective of what is happening in the present and change what does not work.

This section is the broad catch-all to address all lifestyle related issues. The goal of this section is to really help readers “design your life”!

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