Don’t ruin the next 48 hours of your relationship!

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We’ve all been there. Our significant other makes us mad. We’re fuming. Maybe over something dumb. Probably over something dumb! And then we say it… that thing that will ensure this dumb argument becomes a war for the next two days. Whatever that thing is just waits at the tip of our tongue when we’re angry. Maybe we think for a moment that we shouldn’t say it. Maybe we vowed to ourselves after the last blow up that we’ll never say it again. Maybe we say it at the same time we’re thinking “don’t do it”. But there it goes flying out of our mouth again when we’re angry. Why is that? What makes us say things we know we’re going to regret? What happens? Temporary insanity? Masochism?Read more about Don\'t ruin the next 48 hours of your relationship .....


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