childrenIf you’re like me, you dreamed of a life involving children since you were a child. You couldn’t wait to be a mother one day. You imagined dressing them up, feeding them pretty bottles or rocking gently while nursing, taking them on walks, giving them peaceful and bonding baths, and generally enjoying every minute with your new, Johnson-and-Johnson-lotion-smelling bundle of joy and cuteness! And then they were born. “Oh. My. Goodness. What have I gotten myself into? “ I don’t know about you, but that quickly became the thought that crossed my mind daily.

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12, Dec 15 , Blog-Children

“Did you feel safe?” Keeping our children safe from one of the most likely dangers of childhood

I, like most parents out there, want to protect my children and keep them safe from all of the dangers...

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10, Oct 15 , Blog-Children, Blog-Family

“But I Deserve It!” Dealing With Entitled Children

We live in an age that fosters entitlement. Everything we want is right at our fingertips. There is no waiting...

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