relationshipsRelationships take many forms. There are intimate partners, casual acquaintances, coworkers, friends, collegues, peers, family, and people we encounter every day. What makes us choose who we choose to have a relationship? Why did we choose that one person out of all of our coworkers years ago to maintain a friendship with? How did we end up dating our current partner? How and why do we choose our friends? What are the determining factors for if we like someone or we can’t stand to be around them? These are all interesting questions. The truth is, our lives are defined largely by our relationships. At the end of life when people reflect back, it is always the relationships they’ve had that either bring a sense of fulfillment or a feeling of despair. It is, in most people’s opinion, the most important thing in life.

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Not Losing Your Mind When Dealing With Challenging Family

One problem I’ve personally struggled with lately is how to deal with difficult or dysfunctional family members. This is so...

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